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Congrats to Shannon & Samantha for their 2016 Dining by Design Installation!

Dining by Design

Dining by Design 2

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Design Team Members from New York School of Interior Design:

Peter Agnew, Shannon Epstein, Gianna Parisi & Samantha Pendleton

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Faculty Advisor

Rene Estacio


From March 17-21, two of KPA’s Interior Design interns, Shannon Epstein and Samantha Pendleton, participated in the New York School of Interior Design’s installation for DIFFA’s Dining by Design exhibit, part of the Architectural Digest’s 2016 Design Show. The annual Dining by Design exhibit invites varied and diverse talents to create a dining installation for the purpose of raising both awareness and funds for DIFFA’s HIV/AIDS activism. Samantha and Shannon were part of a four-member NYSID team, whose concept ACTION=LIFE was inspired by the interlocked strengths of a basic geometric shape, the triangle. In their words, as “a dynamic geometry evoking action, the triangle represents the 3 most important characteristics of a fighter- strength, courage and perseverance.” Led by faculty advisor Rene Estacio and armed with a budget of $2,500, the team “created an environment that served to remind us all of the importance of fighting for those affected by HIV and AIDS.”

In addition to the conceptual framework, Professor Estacio encouraged the students “to display [their] ability to not only create a comprehensive design, but also to personally execute the design. And so every element from the walls, to the pyramids constructed of cardboard to the tableware which we personally cut and molded from acrylic, was carefully considered and designed.”

For Shannon and Samantha, the experience was an invaluable one. “Being asked to be a part of this event was an honor, not only for NYSID, but for each of us individually as students. It gave us the opportunity to design for an extremely worthy cause that is dedicated to changing the lives of many people. It also gave us the rare opportunity to experience design in the real world before we graduate. As students, much of our design experience is conceptual, however with this project we were given the opportunity to create a design and see it brought to life.”