Kenneth Park Architects

We Celebrate 4,258 Miles by Treating Ourselves


After long hours at the desk, even architects need to get up and exercise. This summer, the New York office continued our annual tradition of a fitness challenge. The goal was for everyone to run (or walk, bike, skip) 100 miles in 8 weeks. In addition to the individual challenge, this time around, we initiated an office-wide team challenge. If 25 people in the office accomplish 100 miles or if the office can exceed running 3,000 miles total (whichever comes first), we’d treat ourselves with company picnic!

On June 28th, after 8 weeks of intense exercise, the New York office reached a total of 4,258 miles! The winner of the most miles walked or run was none other than our Director of Business Development, Amie Bentley! Not only did 85% of the office participate this time around but the amount of people who have ran over 100 miles has DOUBLED since last year’s challenge.

To pat ourselves on the back for our great job, KPA held a celebratory picnic on September 10 at Gantry Park in Long Island City. Check out photos from the event!