Kenneth Park Architects

Dover Street Market Premieres in Downtown Los Angeles

In collaboration with Schimenti Construction Company, Kenneth Park Architects is celebrating the completion of Dover Street Market. The new retail space features an array of popular high-end brands and a dynamic shopping experience. The 19,500-square -foot space, is truly a sight to behold.

According to Schimenti Construction Company “ the new Dover Street Market is a mixture of general and dedicated brand spaces – showcasing hundreds of collections as varied as Comme des Garcons, Balenciaga, Chanel Fine Jewelry, Nike and Gucci – in observation of the Store’s thematic Beautiful Chaos. Schimenti made structural modifications to the preexisting warehouse building – an unreinforced masonry building constructed in the 1930’s – to transform it into an effective retail space.

Other distinct features include contemporary tile walls, artist-commissioned chandeliers and multiple pieces of artwork that elevate the store’s luxurious and modern profile. Schimenti also constructed a new bakery – Rose Bakery – located inside the market, which offers indoor and outdoor seating for customers. “

To see more photos of the brand new retail space, scroll below!