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Trevor Pollard

Trevor Pollard


As Principal of KPA Los Angeles, Trevor leans on both his creative and analytical skills to design places for social experiences. In this capacity, he leads interdisciplinary teams through the creative process for development, re-positioning, and new frontier projects.

Prior to joining KPA, he was SVP – Head of Design at The Irvine Company and was SVP – Head of Design & Architecture at Westfield. Prior to leading the creative process within development companies, he worked with several world-renowned design firms on significant domestic and international projects including innovative planning projects, shopping centers, hotels, casinos, residential and mixed-use projects.

His philosophy of design was shaped by extensive travel growing up – living in England, Brazil and the Fiji Islands. He quickly recognized the profound influence that cultural and environmental differences have on the built environment. This close reflection of the impact user experience has on the built environment continues to inform his design sensibility today where he focuses just as much on the experience of the end user as he does the environment that promotes the interaction in the first place.