Kenneth Park Architects | Palmyra Cove Center
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About This Project

Palmyra Cove Center is a mixed-use development located in Palmyra, NJ. Palmyra’s conceptual development features six sectors.

Sector 1: Palmyra Cove Center which features a department store, Hotel, Rooftop Restaurant, and Parking.

Sector 2: Shops at Palmyra Cove which features several retail brands and a preserve overlook.

Sector 3: Sanctuary Square: Sanctuary Square functions as an entertainment complex featuring a bookstore, movie theater, restaurant+cafe as well as a plaza.

Sector 4: Marina: Health club and Spa, community center and casting pond

Sector 5: Creekside Convention Center and Resort Hotel – art conference center/ convention center, resort hotel, parking and an art walk

Sector 6: Proposed residential development




Palmyra, NJ


165 Acres

Unbuilt Projects