BLOOMINGDALE’S, new york, ny

This Chanel cosmetics shop is located inside Bloomingdale’s in New York City. The bright panel lighting and geometric black shelving creates a modern and inviting space that is reflective of the Chanel brand. The open shelving displays around the perimeter allow merchandise to be showcased without closing off the shop from the outside. This effect maximizes the store space, making it feel open and airy.

The inner glow of these shelves beautifully highlights products such as fragrance and cosmetics. There are several beauty stations that feature seating and bright, flattering lighting, ideal for customers to test products. The digital displays are framed to blend  with the  surrounding shelving, while also creating engaging focal points. The design of this shop creates a welcoming and easy to navigate shopping experience that immerses customers in the bold and elegant Chanel brand. 




1046 SF