Kenneth Park Architects






4,976 SF


King of Prussia, PA

This Bucherer | Tourneau store is located in King of Prussia Mall in King of Prussia, PA. Featuring several Bucherer brands, this 4,976 SF store invites customers to experience a variety of product in one place, which is reflected in our design choices. The storefront design is bold, mysterious and inviting, with varied materials, large transparent windows and signature Bucherer branded mesh.

The mix of dark and light materials represents the variety of merchandise, with dark woods and corrugated metals representing watches, and reflective stone, soft fabric panels, and light metals for jewelry. This variety is united by a neutral palette, creating a consistency among brands and allowing customers to base their purchase on product itself. The variety of textures within this color palette creates visual interest in a cohesive way. 

Customers experience welcoming hospitality throughout the shopping experience, with several vignettes of seating on the sales floor. The seating areas include the custom banquette at the Tudor brand, two groups of lounge seating, the sales desk, and a hospitality service bar at watch repair intake. Cove lighting and pendant fixtures illuminate the store with clarity and warmth, while emphasizing the open design of the space.