Kenneth Park Architects


HANOI, vietnam


Hanoi Development


50 Acres


Tây Mỗ district, Hanoi

Lakeside is 50 acre mixed-use residential development in the Tây Mỗ district within the greater metropolitan area of Hanoi. Conveniently located along major freeways to the west of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Lakeside consists of residential towers and villas in a beautifully manicured landscape with a natural lake, promenade, and plenty of green spaces. 

The residential component consists of 500 duplex townhouse units with side, back & front yards and 7 high-rise towers or 3,500 apartment units for a total of 4,000 residential units. Each tower is connected by adjoining lobbies that provide indoor amenities and entertainment. Meanwhile, general amenities for residents include a pool, outdoor recreation area and clubhouse. Multi-tenant retail, cafes/restaurants, a market, school and a medical and office complex round out a comprehensive residential development. 

KPA has developed an initial master plan of Lakeside along with programming and architectural concept sketches. For more information about the project and the city of Hanoi, check out the guide we designed for the project!